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Sharpen your approach to soccer by learning from the pros with Sport Dojo's Coaches' Database.

Want to analyze Pelé's famous almost goal, explore how to positively transform your players' lives, or grow sports in your hometown? Check out our resources.

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Customize Your Coaching By Pulling from over 15 News Pieces, Videos, and Other Technological Assets in Sport Dojo's Coaches Database to Assist Your Team
Replay Key Moments from Your Own Soccer Matches - or Learn from the Pros - with Our Interactive Event Tagger

Event Tagger

Analyze the most critical moments of your match with Sport Dojo's interactive Event Tagger, which allows for a complete review of key plays in your game.

Want to explore professional games with your team? With the ability to embed YouTube videos, the Event Tagger is an invaluable asset for learning from soccer elites.

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Event Labeler

Play through your recent soccer matches in real time with Sport Dojo's Event Labeler. With the ability to upload videos and activate a drawing canvas in real time, you can analyze your matches frame-by-frame.

The Event Labeler is an invaluable teaching tool for your team, and it isn't just limited to your own games - play through any YouTube video of your choice with ease!

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Highlight Crucial Plays, Frame by Frame, with Our Interactive Event Labeler