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An ideal 21st century coaching companion, Sport Dojo analytically and visually captures everything occurring on the pitch.

With Sport Dojo's data-gathering capacity and multipurpose interface, you can easily streamline roster management, design personalized training programs for your players, and engage with the pros all at once.

Customize Your Coaching By Pulling from over 15 News Pieces, Videos, and Other Technological Assets in Sport Dojo's Coaches Database to Assist Your Team
Replay Key Moments from Your Own Soccer Matches - or Learn from the Pros - with Our Interactive Event Tagger


Sport Dojo simplifies tracking your children activity, so you can fully familiarize yourself with the sport and connect with them on a truly meaningful level.

Hone your child's training regimens and strategize for the next game with targeted tips and individualized instructional videos from their coach. As your child tackle his/her own points of improvement, use the Game Analytics features to fine-tune your coaching style.


Athletic directors, phisical education teachers, video-gamers, passionate sports fans... everyone can help pressing the reset button on youth sports.

Connect with all the resources you need to run succesfull youth sports programs. Join our community to become a coach, help other coaches with your expertise, or simply keep up.

Highlight Crucial Plays, Frame by Frame, with Our Interactive Event Labeler
Use Developing AI Technology and a Cybersecure Platform to Bring Data-Powered Coaching to a Vast Array of Youth Coaching Opportunities


Tap into the potential of data science for youth sports.

Supported by Google Cloud's secure system and cutting-edge AI technologies developed by Dojo Science, Sport Dojo is a preeminent training and planning platform also for large-scale camps, recreational programs and school athletic departments.